“Rolfing helped bring me a new awareness of my body, one that continues to surprise and enlighten.”
J.T. – Boulder, CO

“Thank you for the SourcePoint session! I’m feeling clearheaded for the first time in weeks.”
J.M. – Boulder, CO

“Working with Dave was an amazing Rolfing experience! While working with him over a series of 10 sessions, Dave’s knowledge and skill enabled me to experience dramatic results in my posture, body alignment and joints. It also enabled me to release issues I’d been holding in my body for years. Dave’s professionalism, care and support is evident in every session.”
L.L. – Boulder, CO

“Flying back and forth to Europe on business always leaves me energetically exhausted. After an energy session with Dave, my system feels clear and re-energized. A definite plus when heading back into work.”
G.M. – Boulder, CO

“Easy going and mild mannered, working with Dave is a pleasure!”
M.J. – Windsor, CO

“I sought out energetic bodywork after a recent auto accident. Working with Dave has been instrumental in getting me back on my feet.”
S.J. – Boulder, CO

“Dave’s work was incredibly valuable for me. As a runner and climber, as well as someone who works on her feet all day, my body takes a beating. Through the 10 series, Dave was able to decrease tension as well as increase flexibility and mobility – especially in my hips and legs. Additionally, he educated me on how I use my body and ways that I would be able to function more efficiently. I’ve continued to feel the lasting effects long after we completed the series. Thanks!”
K.M. – Louisville, CO

“Dave was very knowledgeable when considering my IT band tendinitis and knee tracking misalignment. He considered my whole body to release, stretch and stabilize the muscles and joints. Without his help, I would never have been able to keep my slot at the Xterra Nationals Triathlon Championships.”
N.G. – Golden, CO

“Being a bit of a skeptic, I was unsure if Rolfing was for me. But from the first session on, I was hooked. Also, I appreciated Dave’s willingness to share his perspective of the Rolfing process. The ten series was a great changing and learning experience on all counts.”
E.M. – Boulder, CO

“Dave Sheldon has helped both my students and myself to experience better balance in our bodies. His work is an important adjunct to accelerated integration of the Pilates Method.” – Christine Guzy – Christine’s Pilates Studio – Boulder, CO

“After finishing up an Advanced Rolfing series with Dave, I feel like a new person, better than I have in years!”
G.S. – Boulder, CO