About Dave

Dave Sheldon rock climbing. Rolfing, Source Point, Craniosacral Therapy, Boulder, ColoradoAfter growing up in upstate New York, I headed to Colorado State University and earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology. My twenties were spent free-lance writing and pursuing outdoor activities. Then, at the age of thirty, I injured my wrist back-country skiing. Even after minor surgery, which was helpful and necessary, I could not type effectively or use my wrist for any sort of athletic endeavor.

I eventually received a Rolfing Ten Series as part of my post-surgery recovery. The work affected me deeply and I was soon enrolled in Boulder’s Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, graduating in 2005. I have also had extensive training in Craniosacral and SourcePoint® Therapy, two styles of subtle energy medicine that help ease overactive or traumatized nervous systems and are also of great benefit to the physical body.

Along with working in my private practice, I help teach classes at the Rolf Institute as an Assistant Instructor. Having both great rewards and challenges, this position allows me to share what I think is important and unique about Rolfing.

I can meet with you a few times to alleviate a complaint, work within the context of the classic Rolfing Ten Series, or my work can become part of your long-term wellness strategy. Regardless of a session’s framework, I always strive to enhance alignment, balance, and ease of movement. My work is comfortable and safe, and I am careful to follow a course of action that respects what the body has to share about its own healing.


2014 – Craniosacral Therapist (Pacific School of Biodynamic Integration)

2008 – Advanced Certified Rolfer™ (The Rolf Institute, Boulder, CO & The Brazilian Rolfing Association)

2007 – SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner

2005 – Certified Rolfer™ (The Rolf Institute, Boulder, CO)

1993 – B.A. Cultural Anthropology (Colorado State University)

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